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Since 1997, Total Cleaning Plus has been the answer in South Hadley for professional cleaning service. We’re reliable, hardworking, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. We also make it a point to offer a variety of services so that we can address the needs of each customer we work with, both commercial and residential. Creating a clean working or living space isn’t just about the visual aesthetics; it’s also about improved indoor air quality and better health. Leave the cleaning work to us, so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Even if all that means is getting to enjoy the limited amount of free time you do have.

Move In/Out Specialists

Getting a professional move in/out cleaning service is popular with both landlords and tenants. We take care of both. Whether you’re a South Hadley renter hoping to get your full deposit back or a local property owner with no time to clean before the next tenant, we’ll take care of the job. There’s more detail involved in a deep cleaning of this magnitude.

We take care of tasks that may not be necessary for standard cleaning jobs:

  • Baseboard Scrubbing
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Deep Stove Scouring
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Tub & Toilet Base

We also thoroughly clean the areas where furniture once sat, and thick dust has collected. It’s another level of deep cleaning than what you traditionally experience with house cleaning.

Save yourself the hassle and time by letting our pros clean your place for you. You can take care of packing or unpacking and leave the cleanup work to our company.

Plus, this ensures that you, or whoever is moving in, will have a chance to breathe clean air and start fresh with no dirt or dust. If you’re moving or own property that needs preparation for new owners or renters, you need our service.

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Surprising Benefits of House Cleaning

What’s surprising for most of our customers is that the number one benefit they take away from a fresh and clean house isn’t just good looks. The top advantage of hiring a professional house cleaning company is that it makes your home healthier.

A dirty and dust household can:

  • Exacerbate Asthma
  • Trigger Allergy Attack
  • Grow Mold/Fungus
  • Spread Germs
  • Pass Bacteria

It’s impossible to keep any home sterile, but the cleaner you can keep it, the better. Plus, it’s a known fact that a clean, organized, and clutter-free household creates a less stressful environment.

Given a choice, no one would choose a dirty home.

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