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Four Areas of the Kitchen That Are Often Overlooked in House Cleaning

When thinking about cleaning your kitchen, overall it’s pretty simple. Scrub the sink and counter tops, do a little dusting, clean the stove top, vacuum and mop the floors, and you are done. Right? For the most part, you’d be happy if you were to do those areas, but there are four areas within a […]

Craigslist House Cleaners: What You Need to Know Before You Make a Mistake

As you may remember me saying in previous articles, anyone with $500 and a vacuum can start a “cleaning company.” All you have to do is scroll your local Craigslist page and you’ll find it saturated with people offering to clean your house. The only problem (ok, there are several) is that many of these […]

Does Your Cleaning Company Use Simple Green on Your Television?

I know that sounds like a crazy question, because it is! While we were out doing an estimate at a new client’s home they mentioned that one of the reasons they were in the market for a new cleaner was because their previous cleaner had used Simple Green to clean their television. As you can […]

Don’t spend hours cleaning your tile & grout. We can help!

One of the toughest things to keep clean is the tile and grout that you have throughout your home. Using the traditional method of a brush and some bleach or any other chemical could take hours upon hours to do and you may not end up with the desired result you were looking for. The […]

A house cleaning maintenance routine to control dust mites

A few days ago, Total Cleaning Plus talked about dust mites and how many health problems they can contribute to. Now that we know we have dust mites in our mattresses, pillows, couches, rugs, etc., what can we do to control the problem?  There is a two-step process that will go a long way towards controlling […]

House cleaning alert- Do you know what’s in your bed?

I know this seems like a really strange question to ask, because of course we know what is in our bed. Or do we?  Did you know that you may be sleeping with anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites every night? If you’re anything like me, the thought of sleeping with any kind […]

10 Steps To A Stress Free Holiday Season!

The holiday season is right around the corner and if you’re like most families, you just don’t have enough time to get done all the things you want.  With the kids going in 12 different directions, family coming and going, holiday shopping to be done, dinner to be cooked, cleaning to be done, there just […]

House Cleaning Gets Old Youtube Video

Here is a video that I found on Youtbue! If you have children and are trying to keep up with your house cleaning, I think you’ll be able to realate to this video! If for nothing else, you’ll get a good laugh. If you have any questions call Total Cleaning Plus to get all your […]

I’m back & ready to talk house cleaning!

I know it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a blog! I’ve spent the better part of the last few months searching high and low to find quality house cleaning content that I could share with you. Also during that time, we’ve been doing a ton of research on a few new […]

Wet wiping, the dreaded house cleaning task!

Total Cleaning Plus already determined that, for the most part, the feather duster is not going to be an overly effective tool for end-to-end dusting. We’ve also taken a look at how the microfiber dusting towel is great to have if you are keeping up on your dusting. In the last article, I discussed the role […]

Can the vacuum be used for more than just general house cleaning?

If I asked the question “who knows what the vacuum is used for?”, most people would look at me like it was a silly question, and then answer correctly by saying “for vacuuming floors.” However, if I told you that the vacuum actually has many more uses, you might not know what all of those […]

A house cleaning must−the microfiber dusting cloth

 In Total Cleaning Plus last article, the feather duster has been replaced with more effective modern technology in the house cleaning industry. One of the tools to take its place is the microfiber dusting cloth/towel.  Simply put, if you are looking to get the job of dusting done right, then microfiber is the way to go.  […]

The feather duster – friend or foe in house cleaning?

With warmer weather already here and spring just around the corner, many people are going to start opening up their windows and letting in the fresh spring air.  Hopefully, you have been good all winter and kept up on your dusting! In the event that you have not, opening up the windows is going to […]

House cleaning equipment review: Shark Professional Steam Mop

About six months ago I purchased a Shark Professional Steam Mop. I had one of the entry level ($79 -$99) Shark steam mops and was very disappointed. The reason for my disappointment was because after just a few months of use, the product broke. The problem with that mop was that steam is created by […]

Can Men Really Do House Cleaning?

On the surface, this seems like a pretty silly question to ask. However, throughout history it has been stated repeatedly, that “men can’t clean.” When thinking about this age-old idea, I decided to do some research on the Internet to see where it came from. I figured there must be tons of information on the […]

Is there a budget package for house cleaning clients?

Today is dedicated to lucky number 13 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You.” I want to take this opportunity for thanking Reader’s Digest and Good Morning America for giving me such a great list of items to blog about! Out last topic of conversation from the list is “If you don’t have a lot of […]

What sort of referral programs does your house cleaner have?

It’s Saturday and we’re almost to the end of Reader’s Digest’s “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You.” Have I mentioned before that this all was featured on Good Morning America? Just checking! Let’s talk about number 12; “Recommend us to your friends. We may give you $25 to $50 off a cleaning for each referral if you ask.” […]

What can you expect your house cleaner to share?

Today’s topics number 11 on Reader’s Digest’s list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You” I’m sure this one will get some attention! So, let’s talk about “If you leave your personal life out for us to see, we most definitely will talk about you. We may even send pictures to our friends and relatives.” This […]

A few simple steps to take for a better house cleaning

Today I’m going to be looking at number 10 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You,” part of a segment put together by Reader’s Digest and featured on Good Morning America.  Number 10 on the list suggests that you should “Pick your clothes up off the floor, get your dishes out of the sink, and clean […]

Should You Set A Test For Your House Cleaner?

Today I am going to be looking at number 8 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You”.  This list was put together by Readers Digest and Good Morning America.  Number 8 is; When using a newmaid service, leave a few dollars hanging out of a pants pocket or lying on the […]

Can you expect the same house cleaner everytime?

Today I am looking at number 7 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You” This list was part of a recent segment by Readers Digest that was presented on Good Morning America.  Number 7 on the list is;  If you use a service instead of an individual, ask for the same […]

Can you really save money on your house cleaning?

Today I am going to be looking at number six on the list of “13 Things Your House Cleaner Won’t Tell You”.  This list was put together by Readers Digest & Good Morning America.  Number six is; Want to save money on high-priced maid services? Instead of booking a regular appointment, ask to be on […]

Getting To Know Your House Cleaning Clients, A Good Or Bad Thing?

Today I am taking a look at number 5 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You”.  As stated in my previous articles, this list was put together by Readers Digest & Good Morning America.  For those of you who have not seen the link to the article, well here it is! […]

Pre-employment Steps Your House Cleaner Should Be Taking!

Over my last 3 blogs, I have gone over numbers 1-3 on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You”. This list was put together by Readers Digest & Good Morning America.  Today I am going to take a look at number 4 which is, many cleaning companies do not run any sort of background […]

How Can You Tell If You’re Working With A House Cleaning Company That Provides Quality?

This article takes us to number three on the list of “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You”. This list was put together by Readers Digest and Good Morning America and you can find the link here.–abc-news.html Number three on that list is, after I leave, check the base of the toilet and the top of the fridge. […]

The Key To House Cleaning Products Is Research And Education

According to Readers Digest and Good Morning America, there are 13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You. For those of you who missed the video and article, here is the link.–abc-news.html  In this blog I am focusing on number two on that list. Number two on the list is,  I wish you wouldn’t insist on bleach […]

Who Makes The Best House Cleaning Clients? Is Readers Digest Right?

Last week Total Cleaning Plus shared a link to a segment that was being done with Readers Digest and Good Morning America.  The segment was called “13 Things Your Housecleaner Won’t Tell You”.  I decided I would share the link and then post my comments about each one of those 13 things.  For those of you who didn’t […]

House Cleaning Segment On Good Morning America Sparks Debate

I was reading through one of my industry forums this morning on Linkedin and I came across a piece that Good Morning America and Readers Digest are doing together.  The Title is 13 Things Your House Cleaner Won’t Tell You.  After watching both the videos and reading the printed text I decided this was a great […]

House Cleaning Tips 101: Tubs/Showers and How To Make Them Sparkle

After getting some feedback on Facebook, Total Cleaning Plus decided that we would write my next few blog’s on the house cleaning task that most of us despise.  While I’m sure cleaning any room in your house is not fun, the bathroom is the least favorite of them all.  I thought instead of just giving you […]

House Cleaning Tips; What To Do With The Mysterious Black Hole!

If you’ve ever looked inside your toilet bowl, then you know that from time to time there is a mysterious black ring that appears.  No matter what product you use, most of them will leave you staring into the black hole!  Fortunate for you, there is a way to remove this black hole and give you that nice sparkling […]

House Cleaning, How Is The Price Determined & Can You Afford It?

The question of how much does Northampton house cleaning cost, seems to be a pretty simple one.  However, there are many factors that go into how a price is determined.  There are also different ways companies go about completing the actual estimate to determine a house cleaning price.  So what are the major factors that go […]

The house cleaning relationship and the potential pitfalls!

What type of relationship do you want to have with your Northampton house cleaner?  On the surface that seems to be a simple question to answer.  You want a relationship that is built on honesty, trust and integrity.  However, the relationship you have with your house cleaner is actually much more complex then that.  Why would someone […]

House cleaning and the IRS, information most people don’t know!

If you’ve been following my last few blogs, then you know hiring a private individual to do your Northampton house cleaning can be a very risky decision.  We’ve already shown the reasons why it is important to work with a house cleaning company that has great insurance as well as a 3rd party fidelity bond.  Unfortunately […]

What Is A Bond & What Type Of Bond Is Best For A House Cleaning?

When you hire a Northampton service professional to do anything in your home, you don’t really ever think about the possibility of theft.  Unfortunately no matter how many steps companies put in place, theft can happen.  So what is the best thing you can have when faced with a possible theft?  It is a company who […]

Insurance, Does Your House Cleaning Company Or Individual Have It?

When trying to decide on who you want to handle your Northampton house cleaning needs, most people think it is a simple decision.  There are a several factors that people base their decision on.  The two major factors are price and quality.  While those are two important factors, the most important one is often overlooked.  The question you […]

Private Individual Vs. House Cleaning Company? A Four Part Series!

When trying to decide between a private individual or a house cleaning company, there are four major factors to take into consideration.  These four factors should not be overlooked.  I have put together a four part series that will open your eyes and help you avoid some extremely costly mistakes!  Beginning on monday and going through Thursday, here […]

The House Cleaning Tool Every Person Must Have!

If you have ever had the impossible stain to remove or the crayons from the children on the wall or anything in between, I have a the answer to all of those issues!  All you need to do is reach for the Magic Eraser and poof, all your house cleaning problems will be gone.  I […]

Vacuum Cleaners, What Type is Best For Your House Cleaning Needs?

Here is an blog that Total Cleaning Plus found on line that I think will be very helpful for anyone looking at getting a new vacuum to handle your house cleaning.  There truly are so many options out there and buying a vacuum should not be taken lightly.  Consider all the options before settling on what vacuum is […]

Helpful Home Cleaning Tools

Here is an article I thought was pretty helpful.  Despite the fact it is an article written about St. Louis, it really applies to all areas.  There are some really good products discussed in the article that should help with your home cleaning.  You can find these products at most supermarkets.  Use these products to save […]

What To Ask When Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service

Hiring a Northampton cleaning company or maid service should be an experience that everyone looks forward to.  It should be something your doing so that you can create more time to spend with family and friends and do the things you love doing.  However, if you hire the wrong service it might just end up being a nightmare […]

Cut Your House Cleaning Time In Half With This Simple Routine!

You wake up in the morning on Saturday morning and you have big plans for the day. Today I’ll clean the house, go the the dump, play with the kids and then who knows, maybe even a few other projects around the house.  After having your morning coffee and breakfast you decide to get started […]

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